Personalised gift ideas for those hard to buy for people.

With Christmas just around the corner, at Epic HQ we've been chatting excitedly about our gift lists and now-not-so-secret 'Secret Santa'. But this got us thinking about those people who are hard to buy for. We all have at least one right? So we thought it might be useful to share some of our top thoughtful gift ideas for those people who can seem impossible to buy for.

Firstly we had a think about why these people are difficult to buy for:

  • They don't like people spending too much money on them

  • They seem to already have everything they want/need

  • You just don't know them that well

  • You never know what to buy anyone!

The good news is we can help you out with your gifting woes whether the problem lies with them or you. We promise even Santa himself couldn't do better!

But first, you need to be honest about where you fit into this scenario. So we identified three types of Christmas Gift shoppers to help:

Type A) You already did your Christmas shopping waaaaaay back in January (we genuinely can't decide if we are super impressed or simply outright jealous that you're so organised!)

Type B) You've made your list, you're checking it twice and you'll have Christmas all wrapped easily within a week (or more) of the big day!

Then we have type C) You know who your are! It's 3am Christmas day morning (you're a little worse for wear). You're wishing you had enough foresight to have bought a tape dispenser, or at least some scissors! In fact you're ploughing through the wrapping challenge of the century with masking tape, your teeth and festive themed kitchen roll to wrap. Worse still, you realise you've forgotten to buy for dear old Auntie Jill. Of course this is easily solved when you spot a half eaten tub of celebrations on the side and glimpse your partners scarf hanging up in the hall (she never wears it anyway ... you're 100% going to get away with this, right?!)

So to be clear, this blog will be most helpful for type B's, although type A's may well want to get a jump start on Christmas 2022, by all means, don't let us stop you!! And of course, we're all holding out hope that type C will see the light and perhaps start shopping a touch earlier this year ... or else that 'special' Christmas pudding your Auntie Jill always makes just for you, may begin to include some questionable contents!)

So let's get to it!

"I don't want people buying me expensive gifts"

Ok so this one can be a toughie as these people often say they don't want any gifts at all, and don't waste your money, etc. But often these people are the most selfless and giving people in our lives and you really want to show them how much you care about and appreciate them.

Now, we can't provide you with a free gift, but we do have some very affordable gifting options and offer FREE delivery!

You can check out our personalised £10 and under gifting option here.

Our personal favourite that's suitable for all, is our Custom Spotify Keyring. 'Memories are the soundtracks of our lives' and for so many of life's epic moments, big or small, it's amazing how certain songs can conjure up those memories, feelings, and even smells! We laser cut and engrave these keyring in-house, including the barcode which links to your music choice. To play a song, album or playlist, the recipient just needs to open the Spotify app on their phone, then point and play!

"I already have everything I want"

When people say they have everything, they usually mean everything they need or think they want. And let's be honest, when we think a person already has everything, it's often more true that they have everything we want/need ourselves!

So what's the answer? Well, we believe that a thoughtful, personalised gift goes a long way! With that in mind, how about giving them a taste of Norfolk this year with one of our locally sourced Christmas Hampers? We have different hamper sizes to suit all budgets, and each is packed with taste bud tingling food and drink from super talented, totally local suppliers, along with our own personalised creations and a hand made Christmas card! With it's wholesome, feel good vibes gained from supporting small business, this purchase will make an ideal gift for the person with who has everything! But be quick, as these are fresher than a peppermint candy cane, we are taking pre-orders and until 8th December, after that, you've missed your chance! (psst ... Type C's, yes we're talking to you!)

£35 £60 £100

"It's not them, it's me! I just don't know them that well ..."

Hmmm, this is a little tricky, so first we'd suggest doing a little research and sounding out their friends and family for their likes and dislikes. But going in blind, suggest a pocket friendly (just £15), personalised gift set. No major thought required on your part, just select a set and add their name (you just need to know how to spell it) and we do the rest!

"I never know what to buy anyone!"

Right, we may have fibbed slightly we said we could help everyone, but don't worry we're not giving up on you! Hopefully the gift ideas above may have given you a 'lightbulb' moment. But we realised we'd not mentioned gifts for children yet! So just to cover all bases here's are top recommendation for a children's present; HOT CHOCOLATE!

Everyone knows children love chocolate in whatever form it comes in! But what you might not know is that they also love a gift even more if their name's on it! At just £8.99 that makes our personalised hot chocolate gift sets a 'no-brainer' (not a bad idea for big kids too!)


We so hope this has been a useful read, and thank you for taking the time to read to the end! We look forward to receiving your orders and as always, give huge thanks to all our loyal customers.

Happy Gifting!


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